Facing Stop-and-Frisk Criticism, Donald Trump Unveils ‘I Love Him’ Slogan for African Americans

Donald Trump Thumbs Up

In response to charges of racism after doubling down on endorsing stop-and-frisk during last week’s first presidential debate, Donald Trump called in to Fox & Friends this morning to announce his new African American Outreach Program.

“It’s ridiculous,” Trump said in the daily on-air phone call. “These calls of racism are terrible. Just terrible. I love the blacks. Some of the best ones work in my hotels. Great hotels. Beautiful. With wonderful security.”

The Republican candidate for president then unveiled a new slogan and logo targeting African Americans. “I’ve said so, so many times that they love me, but most of the press refuse to believe this. And it’s very important to them that they show this. They tell me this,” Trump stated to the all-white hosts of the daytime talk show.

“Look, ‘Make America Great Again’ is wonderful,” he continued. “Everybody knows that, but Crooked Hillary has this ‘I’m With Her’ thing? Who is ‘her’? She could be anyone, no one knows. But I’m a him, everyone knows that. So, for all my black friends we have created a great t-shirt. Fantastic t-shirt. One hundred percent cotton, which we all know is the best, plus it’s black. Tremendous.”

Ben Carson then silently walked out and sat down wearing the new t-shirt, emblazoned with the phrase “I Love Him” in a cross pattern with a heart in the center of the “O”,  and sat down on the couch.

“I designed it myself,” the self-proclaimed Law and Order Candidate proudly stated.

I Love Him T-Shirt

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