5 Crazy Things ‘Back to the Future II’ Predicted About 2015 That Came True

Back to the Future II

With the close of 2015, it’s time to look back (to the future, that is). From hoverboards to self-lacing shoes, thumbprint IDs to Google Glass, Back to the Future II predicted a lot of amazing things, so let’s take a look at some of the most impressive!

1. American Patriot Kim Davis

We all remember the famous scene where a Hill Valley resident tells Marty McFly that the gay marriage ruling was “a hundred-to-one shot,” but we might forget how bold this prediction really was.

Not only did the Back to the Future II writers predict a homosexual-tolerant world in 2015 – unthinkable in 1989 – but they also foresaw the rise of American patriot Kim Davis, who was only 23, and wholly unknown, at the time of filming. Freaky!

2. The Arrest of Bill Cosby

Cosby 2
One of the sadder scenes in Back to the Future II finds an older Marty McFly hearing news of beloved comedian Bill Cosby being arrested in connection to a string of rape and sexual assault charges.

We always thought this was one of the more far-fetched predictions of the film, but 2015 proved us wrong! It’s almost like the filmmakers were aware of a pattern of abuse and did nothing to stop it. Weird!

3. A Spree Shooting Every 20 Minutes

One of the criticisms often lobbed at the film regarded this prediction, in which Americans would be virtually terrified to leave their homes in fear of being shot down in the street. Many had argued this claim was better suited for a RoboCop or Terminator film.

But here we are in 2015 and all we can say is good work, Robert Zemeckis!

4. ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks 4’

The image of Marty McFly shielding himself from the horrors of an Alvin and the Chipmunks hologram was great for a laugh in 1989, but here in 2015, it’s life imitating art!

Though the filmmakers got the name wrong, missing the subtitle The Road Chip and instead going with Separate But Squeakquel, we’ll let it slide. Can’t expect them to be perfect!

5. Barack Obama is a Reptiloid

File this under “Things We Should Have Seen Coming.” The president revealing himself to be an alien lizard (during the State of the Union, no less!) from the Alpha Draconis star system was one of the ten biggest stories of 2015.

Back to the Future II knew the truth more than 25 years ago. Serves us right for taking the film so lightly!



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