25 Little-Known Facts About Batman

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Batman is 75 years old, but the geezer still knows how to dish out punishment to the world of crime. During his time, Batman has gone on some great adventures and traversed through some memorable storylines, but there are just some facts that fell through the cracks.

Luckily, we’re here to give you 25 little-known nuggets about the Caped Crusader that you probably didn’t know.

1. It took Bruce Wayne years to learn to trust the various technologies used on his utility belt. His early crime-fighting days often ended with a Coast Guard helicopter assisting him down from the rooftops of Gotham skyscrapers. 

2. In issue #234, Batman and Robin take a break from fighting crime and go on a Hawaiian vacation together, but there are only vague mentions as to what they did during it in the following issues.

3. In a bonus issue that came with pre-orders of The Batman Compendium Vol. 12, Batman decided to practice Orthodox Judaism for three months.

4. In issue #356, Batman was in such a hurry to catch the Joker that he hit a kid on his bike with the Batmobile, and to this day doesn’t know what happened to the kid.

5. The hardest Batman ever laughed was watching an episode of Frasier

6. Batman knows the definition of the word “pablum”, but gets annoyed when writers for The Atlantic use it in order to sound smart. 

7. Batman served his country in the First Gulf War…only to go AWOL after two days of battle.

8. Batman took a break from crime-fighting from 1991-1993 to pursue his second love: pole dancing.

9. Batman is based off the imaginary world that Charlie Gordon brewed up during downtime at the lab. The comics are an unofficial sequel to Flowers for Algernon.

10. Sometimes Batman stares and stares and stares at that revolver is his desk drawer.

11. There are a lot of nights where the Bat signal goes off and Batman doesn’t do a thing about it.

12. Batman likes to call for Aquaman’s help while simultaneously peeing in the ocean.

13. Batman has his disagreements with the Joker, but still voted him “Best Villain” because he thinks he’d be a cool guy to grab a beer with. 

14. Batman once kissed the tip of his penis.

15. Batman’s parents aren’t actually dead, he just says that to get attention.

16. Batman is really into writing Harry Potter fan fiction. 

17. Batman can’t drive stick.

18. Bruce Wayne has often tried to coerce Alfred into being Batman for at least one night, just to see what people would do.

19. If you unlock the multiball seven times in a row on the 1991 Batman pinball machine you get sucked into the machine and have to team up with Batman to defeat Jack Nicholson. But if you die in the game, you die in real life.

20. Batman is illiterate; Alfred still reads all of the ransom notes, manifestos and manic creeds from Gotham’s villains to him.

21. Studies show a correlation between high IQ levels and voting Val Kilmer as the best Batman. 

22. Batman is 1/64 Cherokee.

23. Batman has seen Superman’s penis, and the ensuing jealousy was the main focus of a 20-issue arc between the two heroes in 1987.

24. Alfred is not taking care of Bruce Manor under his own free will.

25. Bruce Wayne owns a 15% stake in Zynga, the company that made Words with Friends.



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