Rapper Eve Pretty Goddamn Tired of ‘Merry Christmas, Eve!’ Jokes

Eve Rapper

NEW YORK CITY – In what is a joyous time for billions of people around the world, Grammy-winning rapper Eve Jeffers-Cooper (better known as Eve) is reportedly getting pretty fucking tired of people thinking they’re clever for connecting her name with December 24th, also known as Christmas Eve.

“It was so great as a kid,” said Eve, who also starred in all three Barbershop films. “It was the coolest thing to have a fun name like that. But as an adult, it’s like…come on. Low-hanging fruit.”

According to Brett Samson, who met Eve outside a coffee shop in New York City on December 24, 2016, the allure of the joke is “How many times can you meet someone named ‘Eve’ on Christmas Eve?! So cool!” Samson then mused, “I wonder if anyone else has ever made that connection.”

Despite the aggravation, Ms. Jeffers-Cooper puts on a happy face and powers through. “It’s frustrating because these people are not clever. I’ll smile for kids though, because it’s more innocent with them. But if you come at me on New Year’s Eve? Fuck that.”



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