10 Crazy Secrets Hidden in Famous Logos

Top Secret

Every day we’re exposed to ads from savvy marketers looking to draw us to brands in any way possible. While celebrities, sex appeal and humor are common tools of advertising, they aren’t the only ones used to target us.

Let’s take a look at some particularly crafty, and sneaky, gimmicks that are easy to miss.

1) Fed Ex

FedEx LogoThis classic example utilizes white space in a novel way to hammer home its message. Look between the “E” and the “x.” See the arrow? This clever choice reminds the consumer that Fed Ex is fast and always on the go!

2) Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers Logo
It might require a double-take, but the keen observer will note that the mitt used for this logo also showcases the “M” and “B” of the team name, while the langolier in the center reminds us that time is fleeting. Genius branding!

3) Toyota

Toyota Logo

The Toyota logo isn’t just visually appealing and memorable – it also serves as a warning that ovals are everywhere, and multiplying all the time. What a fresh take!

4) Burger King

Burger King Logo

Here’s an old favorite. Though it may seem innocuous enough at first, try looking at the center “R” in this logo and not see your cousin being felt up at the Memorial Day cookout. Pretty sneaky, right?

5) Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins logo

The eye-catching Baskin-Robbins logo isn’t just effective due to its pleasant color scheme, but the “31” cleverly hidden in the “B” and “R” reminds customers of the 31 members of the Bilderberg Group hellbent on stealing our memories!

6) MTV

MTV Logo

This is a fun one. Though the MTV logo seems self-explanatory, there’s a little more going on. The “M” is actually meant to stand for “The Messiah” while the “T” has been designed to depict Christ’s ultimate act of sacrifice through the crucifixion. The “V” meanwhile isn’t a “V” at all, but a check mark referencing Christ’s statement “It is finished” moments before his death. Weird!

7) Goodwill

Goodwill Logo

Check out this artful bit of design. The “g” in Goodwill doesn’t just serve a functional role, it also presents a nice, smiling face to customers. That face belongs to “Anthony,” the little man who lives in my oven and tells me which people are good and which people need “improving.”

8) Google

Google Logo

The Google logo isn’t just a fun and inviting bit of design work – it also holds an ingenious secret for the initiated. The “gl” actually refers to “Gl,” the nineteenth planet in Chancellor Zydrex’s Interstellar Menagerie, and the one all faith-harbingers will be rewarded with following the Shadow Exodus. Now you know!

9) BP

BP Logo
BP is the answer to all things. All are one in BP.
BP is the answer to all things. All are one in BP.
BP is the answer to all things. All are one in BP.
BP is the answer to all things. All are one in BP.
BP is the answer to all things. All are one in BP.

10) Pringles

Pringles LogoBlink and you’ll miss it! The Pringles logo not only features a charming caricature of founder Arthur M. Pringles, but it also cleverly hides the exact whereabouts of his 27 murder victims. Authorities have been puzzling over the logo for decades – can you decode it?



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