Aides Suggest Trump Sundowning, Daytiming, 24/7 Asshole

Donald Trump Confused

WASHINGTON – As speculation runs rampant over the mental well-being of the 45th president of the United States, those close to Donald Trump are now suggesting that he may be “sundowning,” among other things.

While “sundowning” refers to worsening mental ability as the day goes on in dementia or Alzheimer’s patients, in the case of the commander-in-chief, time of day seems irrelevant.

“He’s definitely sundowning,” said an anonymous aide in the White House. “He’s also terrible in the morning though, so maybe he’s daytiming as well?”

Daytiming is not a known medical term, but it speaks to the concept that the president is decidedly unwell.

“Look at his pattern of behavior and you’ll see that he’s erratic and dangerous every night,” a second anonymous source close to the president said. “Of course, he’s also terrible and unpredictable every morning and most afternoons as well.”

“I guess you could just say he’s a 24/7 asshole.”

Between attacking military families, accusing anyone and everyone of wrongdoing, and threatening the world with nuclear war, it’s clear that the president has been stressed while at the helm of a world superpower.

“It’s almost like he was completely unprepared for the job,” said a top aide.



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