Easy Ways to Get Your Steps in Any Day of the Week!

Woman Walking

    • While at work, walk to your coworker’s cubicle instead of emailing. That way the two of you can check to see if mental health is covered under your company’s insurance.
    • Take the stairs. While taking the extra time, spread the word about gun violence anywhere you can, including Twitter, with the #Enough hashtag.
    • Walk with your neighbor when she takes out her dog. Have an open and honest conversation about gun rights versus gun control.
    • Set reminders to walk. While on your phone, go to the Everytown website and donate to fight for safer gun laws.
    • When walking, do so at a high intensity. Keep walking right towards your local gun safety volunteer organization.
    • If at the end of the day you still have not reached your goal and have had about enough, you can always pace in place. This is the perfect time to call your senator.



Kasadee Allan

Author: Kasadee Allan

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