Pronoun Movie Sequels to Stephen King’s ‘It’



Fear is now a family, as Pennywise has returned from the grave and brought his blood-sucking, newly formed family (including his daughter Penelope, and son, Penny Jr.) to wreak havoc on the town of Derry, Maine.


Pennywise comes back to Derry to apologize to the children, and to reveal that the reason for his evil is the fact everyone just automatically assumed his gender, and that clown women are just as capable of demonic destruction and terror.


Following the Dancing Clown’s return, the Derry kids are faced with trying to get everyone in town to remember the fact a circus performer at one point in time literally stole children and murdered them.


An epic sequel that features an hour-and-a-half-long argument between Pennywise and the children of Derry as to who was truly the subject of the last movie’s terror.


The documentary follow-up – a deep introspective of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, with full director’s commentary exploring the uniqueness and individuality of the character.


The whole gang realizes that returning to Derry is quite literally the worst idea ever, because another bout with a deranged clown hell-bent on killing them all is more than anyone should ever cinematically have to go through. Instead, each member of the group decides to take time out to focus on individual happiness and fulfillment.



Clay Beyersdorfer

Author: Clay Beyersdorfer

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