8 Other Phone Calls Donald Trump Claims to Have Received

Donald Trump on Phone in Oval Office

President Donald Trump recently claimed that he received telephone calls from the head of the Boy Scouts and the Mexican president, both praising him for a variety of things, but it was easily proven that the calls never happened.

That little fib got us thinking – what other phone calls has Trump been lying about? Here are just a few of the president’s most recent phone calls he claims to have received:

“The head of the NAACP. Wonderful phone call. Great guy. Thanked me for appointing Jeff Sessions.”

“Kim Jong-un surprised me the other day. Said I was so much better than Obama. More scary than Obama, and he was going to shoot all the rest of his missiles into the sea. Just watch.”

“Chris Christie called. No idea why. I let that one go to voicemail and had Mike Pence delete it.”

“I heard from Mooch! He said I did a great job getting rid of a terrible Communications Director. I love that guy. Whatever happened to him?”

“The head of MS-13 wouldn’t give his name because he said he knew how tough I was. He said, ‘Señor Trump’ He’s Hispanic or Latino, or whatever they are called. Anyway he said, ‘Señor Trump I give up.’ Just like that.”

“Mr. Snuffleupagus rang the other day. He wanted to thank me for cleaning up Sesame Street. Crime was out of control just a few years ago. Obama acted like it didn’t exist.”

“Talked to Justin Trudeau the other day. Told me he had never met a more handsome, more respected leader. And that includes when he looks in the mirror. Then he apologized. Weak. So Canadian. Sad!”

“Had a great talk with Putin the other day. He said…oh, Mike is telling me there is a truck outside and if I stop talking now I can go sit in it!”



Erik Sternberger

Author: Erik Sternberger

Erik Sternberger is a writer and improviser based out of Columbus, Ohio. He studied at The Second City Chicago and also writes sketches and short plays. He recently had his science fiction satire collection "But It's Not About That" enjoy a well-reviewed three-week run. Follow Erik on Twitter @ZapThunder.

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