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Meet Donnie. He loves golf, tweeting, and playing with missiles. Donnie also likes to imagine he’s a leader, and has dreams of becoming a respected president one day. He doesn’t live like other children. His family has neglected him, leaving him more than two hundred miles away. As a result, Donnie spends the majority of his weeks in psychic isolation, working sometimes full eight-hour days. This life of hard labor and crippling loneliness has already taken a toll on him, such that he’s almost forgotten how to feel joy.

All Donnie wants is to smile more. Your urgent help can enable a child like Donnie to play more golf and travel – to ENJOY life. And you can make a difference, just by cutting out a few luxuries from your life and saying yes to sponsorship. Your help is needed urgently. As Donnie’s loneliness grows, so does his temptation to involve himself in fraudulent business ventures, and his vulnerability to reality television exploitation.

For the cost of one Starbucks Americano, you can’t sponsor Donnie. But for the price of coffees for 346,218 of your closest friends, you could sponsor the cost of a ride in a special aircraft and a golf weekend for him at a magical place called Mar-a-Lago! Or, if that sounds like too much, for the same amount you’d pay for coffees for only 75,630 of your friends, you could sponsor Donnie’s support and security staff during one of those weekend trips.

Maybe you can’t afford to help a child like Donnie at these donation amounts, or maybe you don’t drink coffee. There are other levels of sponsorship as well:

  • One day of city security for Donnie’s remotely located family: $145,000, or just under 18% of the daily cost of the entire Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, focused on cleaning up all of the nation’s five Great Lakes!
  • One day of “Secret Service” security for Donnie’s family: $38,000, or just 6% of the daily cost of the primary federal support for our country’s 123,000 libraries and 35,000 museums!
  • One day’s rent of a floor for military support in Donnie’s family’s home building: $4,100, or just around the price of 370 meals delivered on wheels to your homebound senior friend!

If you can’t spare any change at all, it doesn’t cost anything to call your congresspeople, to raise awareness for some other critical needs. For instance, Donnie distrusts nature, mostly because a bald eagle tried to bite him when someone took his photo. Parks are a waste of resources for children like Donnie. He also gets anxious when he thinks about strangers coming into his community. Can you call your congressperson today, and support the funding of a long wall to help Donnie feel safe? If financing for those useless national parks could be decreased by $1.5 billion, this would cover over half the cost of building a wall (only $2.6 billion!) that would bring Donnie his long-sought-after feeling of security.

So often we don’t even realize how fortunate we are. By making a few sacrifices, you’d be surprised by the impact you can have in helping a child. Please, act now. Bring a smile to a lonely child’s face. Find it in your heart to make a donation, or a phone call to your government, and support a child like Donnie today.



Emily Schleiger

Author: Emily Schleiger

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