BREAKING: You Don’t Need to Finish Watching ‘The Matrix’ on TNT

The Matrix

Reports are coming in detailing that you are currently sitting on the couch watching a viewing of The Matrix on TNT when you don’t really need to.

Sources say you came across the movie approximately twenty minutes ago while flipping through channels. There was nothing on, and you were about to get up and do something, but then you landed on TNT and it was right in the middle of Neo’s fight with Morpheus in the training dojo.  You have been watching ever since.

There is currently a near unanimous consensus among experts that you do not need to finish watching The Matrix. Not only have you seen the movie seventeen times already, but analysis shows you also own the movie on DVD, which makes the decision to spend the afternoon watching it with commercial interruptions even more perplexing.

You are thinking that you’ll just watch until the lobby shootout, because that is your favorite scene in the movie. However, sources close to you have reported that you have watched that particular scene forty-three times and an additional viewing will not add any meaningful value to your existence.

At the time of publication, you are ignoring a phone call from your mother because Trinity is about to explain that déjà vu is a glitch in the Matrix, and you always thought that was a neat idea.



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