Alt-Rock for the Alt-Right: A Playlist

Patrick Bateman

1. Smells Like White Nationalism

2. Say it Ain’t So (Election Night Opus)

3. Been Caught Stealing Elections

4. All Apologies (by the Democrats)

5. (Please Don’t) Rape Me

6. Tiny Hand in My Pocket

7. Better Man (an Ode to the Republican Primaries)

8. Don’t Look Back in Anger (Give Him a Chance)

9. Very-Charmed Life

10. Come as You Are (If You’re White and Male)

11. Wake Me Up When November Ends

12. (Populism) Around the World

13. Higher Ground (a “Climate Change” Survival Guide)

14. American Idiot



Amanda ReCupido

Author: Amanda ReCupido

Amanda ReCupido is a writer, publicist and sometimes stand-up living in the Chicago area. Follow her on Twitter @amandarecupido.

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