The Most Soulless Person to Associate With Donald Trump Tournament: Congress Region

Soulless Congress Round 1

In the Congress region of the Most Soulless Person to Associate With Donald Trump tournament, we’ve got one of the biggest title contenders in entire field: House Speaker Paul Ryan. As he continues to debase himself on a daily basis and make it clear that he truly has no soul with which to stop any of this madness, he only gets stronger for the rest of the tournament. But hey, maybe Mitch McConnell or even dark horse Ted Cruz will have something to say about it.

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Update: Second Round Voting

Voting for the second round of the Congress region is underway and based on the early results, I only have one question: Is anyone in this tournament going to be able to stop Paul Ryan?

First Round Results

The first round went about as expected, except for Senator Joe Manchin pulling off the HUGE upset against Rep. Devin Nunes. Though Nunes is a very willing congressional lackey for Trump, he just couldn’t compete against Manchin, a Trump-supporting Democrat.

Soulless Congress Round 2

Steve DiMatteo

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