Santa Getting Way More Requests for Nazi Flags This Year

Santa Reading

THE NORTH POLE – Santa’s Workshop released its updated Christmas list request figures this week, and the report was highlighted by a sharp uptick in worldwide requests for Nazi flags and memorabilia in 2016.

“We thought this might happen given the rise of the white supremacist movement in the United States,” North Pole spokeself Seymour Gigglebuns said. “But things really ramped up after the election.”

While the workshop’s official stance is that it will not produce any type of Nazi memorabilia, there have been leaner years where the elves did what had to be done to keep the operation afloat. This year, as the workshop has been inundated with requests for Nazi flags, Iron Cross medals and signed pictures of prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer, Santa has taken a noticeably somber tone around the North Pole, often seen standing outside with his head in his gloves, murmuring to himself.

“He hasn’t touched his hot cocoas in weeks,” Gigglebuns said. “The week after the election, when Santa received the most requests for ‘Just anything with a swastika on it,’ we had to go looking for him in the Gingerbread Wilderness. He wasn’t in good shape when we found him.”

Santa has promised to forge ahead with this year’s deliveries, but Gigglebuns and the rest of the elves are concerned how he’ll react when he sees President-elect Donald Trump’s list.



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