John Glenn Utters ‘They’re Coming’ With Final Words

John Glenn

Pictured: John Glenn during his first trip to space, soon after he radioed to Earth, “It…it’s looking right at me. My God, I can feel it reading my thoughts.”

COLUMBUS – Surrounded by his family, famed war hero, astronaut and United States senator John Glenn passed away Thursday at the age of 95, but not before leaning over to his family members, pulling them close, and whispering “They’re coming” with his final breath.

“Heed my words” Glenn, said while clutching his grandson Zach’s shirt collar. “They’ve got me and now they’re coming for you. You’re all doomed.”

Glenn managed to orbit the Earth three times in his first trip to space, despite communications with NASA constantly being interrupted by static and garbled noises no one could decipher. Since Glenn was just the fifth person to reach space, no one quite knew what to make of his claims of “a force that will wipe us out as if we were simply bugs meeting a car’s windshield.”

Glenn would return to space at the age of 77 to “put an end to this once and for all” but the trip was bogged down with a full schedule of scientific work aboard the space shuttle Discovery.

“Maybe this finally clears up why he had those notebooks in the basement labeled ‘The Glorbons,'” Glenn’s daughter Carolyn said. “If any translators want to take a shot at them, well, it might be important.”

Glenn passed away shortly after, his body turning into liquid metal and dissolving into a nearby telephone like that scene in The Matrix.



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