Mike Pence Upset Suggestion Not Used in Improv Show

Mike Pence Sad

NEW YORK – Taking a break from his duties overseeing Donald Trump’s transition team, Vice President-elect Mike Pence went to the 9:30 p.m. ASSSSCAT 3000 show at Chelsea’s famed UCB Theatre Monday night. Despite yelling out “conversion therapy” multiple times, the former Indiana Governor was distraught when that evening’s host, Bobby Moynihan, instead chose “pretzel” as a suggestion with which to start his monologue.

Seen leaving in a huff during the final announcements, a slump-shouldered Pence was quoted as saying, “I was louder than anyone else in there. I’m pretty sure he just knew that guy. It’s not fair.” The Vice-President elect then grumbled a complaint about “not liking the gay roommate scene anyway” while getting in to his motorcade. Although unclear if anyone had reached out for a comment, this morning Donald Trump tweeted, “So cliché. Using food-based suggestion. Very unfunny! Never do this improve [sic] show again UCB! #PenceWantedConversionTherapy”.



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