Meet the Phantasm Exterminators, the Original 1920s Ghostbusters

Phantasm Exterminators, the 1928 box office phenomenon and latter-day inspiration for 1984’s Ghostbusters, was conceived when director Conrad Shift asked producer Hedgewick Steinbloom, “You think we could kill someone onscreen and get away with it?”

While the authorities are still debating the ramifications of this conversation, the film has since claimed its rightful place in the annals of horror-comedy filmmaking. Presented here for the first time in nearly 90 years is the film’s hugely popular theme song, unearthed by the tireless efforts of the Buried Treasures staff, and accompanied by historical commentary.

Buried Treasures is produced by Boy Genius Comedy and No Dice Films.



David Mogan

Author: David Mogan

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