Woman Realizes Flip-Flops Were on Top of Head Entire Time

Woman Frustrated

CHICAGO – With the hot, sunny days upon us, people across the nation are packing their tote bags and cruising on down to the beach. However, Chicago resident Connie Brenmar missed out on the summer fun earlier this month while looking for her flip-flops all afternoon.

The search reportedly came to an end around midnight when Brenmar discovered the pair of sandals had been resting on top of her head. “I should have just looked there in the first place!” Brenmar fired off when spotting the pair.

After taking a moment to collect herself she then recalled, “I remember now setting them up on my head initially while getting ready,” concluding, “It’s such an easy spot to overlook. I guess I can’t be too hard on myself, and there are plenty more beautiful beach days to come. It’s not like I missed my father’s funeral.”

The following week, Brenmar missed a flight home to her father’s funeral after failing to locate her parked car in the garage. She was able to book a new flight with surprisingly cheap airfare scheduled for the next morning, but still managed to lose the stubs in the parking lot of Midway International Airpot. She later located the tickets folded up in her left fist, too little too late.



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