Macklemore Appears in Obama’s Weekly Address, But Not to Apologize for His Music

Macklemore and President Obama

When I saw that Macklemore was appearing in President Obama’s weekly address, I thought, “Finally, this administration is doing something productive! The president himself is going to force Macklemore to publicly apologize for poisoning the airwaves and single-handedly trying to ruin music forever.”

Somehow, I was wrong. Instead of a tearful apology for “Thrift Shop” “Can’t Hold Us,” or anything else the Seattle-born musician has ever recorded, the president had Macklemore on to discuss the growing opioid crisis and the perils of addiction.

It’s an important video highlighting a problem the country absolutely needs to address, but still, how could they not find a few seconds for Macklemore to slip in even a little “Sorry for making 2013 the worst year in human history”?



Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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