Anthropomorphic Tooth Looking to Branch Out From Dentist Ads

Tooth Mascot

Though he admits that the dental industry has created a lot of opportunities for him, regional actor and anthropomorphic tooth Billy Cuspid is ready for more.

“I have nothing but fond memories for that part of my career,” Cuspid said. “But you can only rub yourself with a giant blue toothbrush or fight off the Cavity Clan so many times before you ask yourself, ‘Is this all there is?’”

Saying he had “a bit of a wakeup call,” Cuspid notified the numerous area dentists he’s worked with in the past decade that he’s taking an indefinite break from the industry. Asked what his plans were following the move, Cuspid says he has a lot of projects in the works and is anxious to test his abilities.

“I’m playing Mercutio in an upcoming local production of Romeo and Juliet, and lately I’ve been doing a lot of voice-over work for a Civil War miniseries,” Cuspid said. “What I’m really excited about though is my callback for the next Saw movie. They wanted me as the tooth that gets pulled from a guy’s head, and I said nuh-uh, I gotta be the guy. I’ve got a good feeling about that one.”

“Of course, what I really want to do is write and direct. I’ve got a pretty fresh take on The Fantastic Four I think 20th Century Fox is going to be very interested in.”

Reached for comment about Cuspid’s move, local dentist Michael Simmons said, “The one from the ads? That thing has a name?”



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