Report: Fish Fry at My House This Weekend

Fish Fry at My House

WASHINGTON – According to the beautiful spring weather and the amount of ice cold beer currently occupying my refrigerator, just begging to be enjoyed with friends, there will be a banging fish fry at my house this weekend.

Warmer and longer days are back again, signaling the yearly ritualistic changing of the seasons, along with another famed ritual – parties that could go on until whenever.

“We have all the fish you can eat, so come on by around late afternoon. Definitely have drinks, but it wouldn’t hurt if you brought some to keep the party going late!” said my Facebook invite. The event itself currently sits at three interested and ninety-six invited, but those numbers are certain to rise. And you all are totally invited if you want to come, too.

Last year’s fish fry was sparsely attended, but with all of my newfound work acquaintances and a few college buddies that have expressed interest in coming down from New York, it is sure to be a different story this year.

Three people that I’ve personally interviewed on the subject have all said that it sounds like a really good time, and will check their schedules. “Wow that is a lot of fish, and I always like a good party,” said Fred, a guy I met at a trivia night three or four months ago. “I’ll see what I have going on Saturday and get back to you.”

“Oh I have to help my friend move, and I’m dog sitting that day,” said Alesha, a friend from work who once told me that she absolutely can not stand dogs. “This weekend isn’t good for me.”

At press time, I’m holding my grill tongs and looking out the front window.



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