New 5D Theaters Allow Moviegoers to Actually Experience Emotional Turmoil of Failing Marriage

5D Movie

Last night, many moviegoers, including myself, earned the chance to attend a brand-new 5D screening of Not a Simple Little Love Story at Regal Cinemas in Los Angeles, California.

The novel technology immersed us all into the mind of the story’s central protagonist, Rick, with the aid of a fresh pair of glasses and a subtle cable entering the back of the cranium. Personally, I thought the advancements offered pure escapism!

The new attachment really made me feel like I was in that office with my wife and a tough-love guidance counselor. We didn’t want to call him the “marriage” counselor, but boy were we in trouble. At times, it was extremely difficult to see a light at the end of those long restless nights on the pull-out couch, and then, of course, the ongoing custody battle. It took a lot of therapy for me to realize that I had harvested an immense amount of resentment from my parents’ deaths as a child, which had been projected back on poor Karen for the past six years of our marriage. I just wish I could have realized that before the small tug at the base of my skull when the credits hit.

My only qualm after enduring that explosion of the senses was a slight headache from the new glasses. But I imagine 5D theater experiences will be making serious headway throughout the industry this year!



Chase Reynolds, Jr.

Author: Chase Reynolds, Jr.

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