Most Dangerous Game Nation’s New Favorite Pastime

Hunter With Gun

WASHINGTON – With mass shootings occurring at an unprecedented rate, a recent poll finds that the most dangerous game has overtaken baseball and football to become the new national pastime.

Analysts believe the popularity of the game can be attributed to its “spontaneity, total lack of rules and extreme violence,” though some have countered that increased media coverage of the sport is what has truly endeared it to the country.

“It was sort of like hockey there for a while,” said Indianapolis sports fan Carl Mercer. “I had some awareness but didn’t really follow it. But now every time you check the TV there’s a new game on. Hard not to be hooked.”

Some experts believe unpredictability and audience involvement may play a part in the sport’s dominance as well.

“The most dangerous game involves spectators in a way no other sport can match, and it keeps them on their toes,” said New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. “Are you one of the hunters? Am I? It really gets the adrenaline flowing.”

Critics of the game say that without a formal playoff system, the sport will never have the staying power of football or baseball. However, many have countered that a championship series is the next logical step for the game, and will only take proper organization.

“We’ve got so much to pull from,” Mercer said. “We could do a Hunger Games, maybe a Purge, or just go with my favorite, a Running Man. Hell, we do that one and I just might try out myself.”



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