Your Studies are Screwed: ‘Pokken Tournament’ is Coming Stateside

Pikachu Pokken Tournament

With the return of school comes the return of homework. And with that comes the return of procrastinating with video games. My college finals most certainly came in a distant second to Super Smash Bros Brawl. And you aren’t getting the real college experience unless you have to pull an all-nighter writing a 15-page paper because you spent the previous week playing every Genesis game from your youth on an emulator.

Tuition well spent

Tuition well spent

Well, good news guys, the procrastination is going to get worse.

Regular readers of my posts (hi Mom) have probably noticed that I’ve been following news on Pokken Tournament with great intensity, despite it being unclear if the game would ever make its way to the U.S. Guess what? IT TOTALLY IS. At the Pokemon World Championships in Boston over the weekend, the announcement was made that Pokken Tournament would be coming to the Wii U next spring.

A friend of mine actually went up to the tournament and got a chance to play one of the arcade cabinets for Pokken they had set up. He was able to confirm that, yes, it is fantastic. Despite being a fighting game, it still feels very much like Pokemon as opposed to Tekken with different skins slapped on. It’s a really good thing I’m done with school. Now it will just be my job my obsessive gaming will ruin. I’m growing up!



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