Man Puts Hot Wiener in Mouth

Hot Dog Man

ST. LOUIS – According to sources, forklift operator Nick Traber slid an exceptionally hot wiener into his mouth today.

Right around lunchtime, a co-worker named Ed brought over the plump and juicy wiener and asked if Traber would like to put his mouth around it. Traber, muscles rock-hard and glistening with sweat from a long day on the job, obliged, and the two burly men made little conversation as Traber inhaled the hot and delectable wiener right into his tremendously moist hole.

“I didn’t expect to be getting my hands on a wiener – especially not one this fat – today, but it was a great surprise,” Traber said. “I was so hungry for it, I almost fit the entire thing in my mouth all at once.”

Traber was so ravenous for the incredibly thick wiener that some of its juices trickled down his chin as he was finishing, though Ed provided Traber with some nearby paper towels so he could clean himself off.

“I was jamming it down so fast, I nearly gagged,” Traber said.

Traber was later seen at a local pub enjoying another friend’s personal supply of delicious, salty nuts.



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