Excellent Rap Lyrics, Volume XII: Ludacris Might Have Too Many Hoes

Area Codes

For most of Ludacris’ “Area Codes,” he seems to be pretty proud of how many hoes he has across the country. But after going through an incredibly lengthy list of area codes at the end of the song, it begins to fade out with these very concerning lyrics:

“Hoes to the right, hoes to the left/

Five hoes this time, woo!/

Hoe, no!”

It would appear that Ludacris is no longer in control of how many hoes he acquires. In fact, his acquisition of hoes might be increasing at such a breakneck pace that it defies all levels of physics and, thus, he is terrified by it. Out of nowhere, he has been surrounded by hoes on every side, and five just materialized seemingly out of nowhere. The thing that Ludacris loves most in this world is threatening to be the very thing that consumes him. His last cries for help in this song have fallen on deaf ears for many years, but hopefully this is the beginning of a path that will bring him peace.

That is, if we’re not too late.



Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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