Leaked ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Script Reveals Most Sadistic Freddy Krueger Yet

Elm Street Storyboards

Sorry light sleepers, the new Freddy Krueger film is for coma patients only.

A Nightmare on Elm Street creator Wes Craven previously said the look and feel of the tenth addition to the franchise would be “darkly different,” and now we now why. A script, storyboards and a poster mockup allegedly smuggled from the New Line Cinema offices shows that the upcoming film will focus on Freddy tormenting a coma victim over the course of forty years.

The alleged script – using the working title A Nightmare on Elm Street 10: Freddy’s Magnum Opus – begins with 25-year-old newlywed John Hope getting in a car accident that leaves him in a coma that he has little chance of waking from. Freddy, tired of the easy haunts and slayings of vapid teenagers, finds out about John’s situation and decides that this could be the biggest, most satisfying project of his life.

Over the course of the ensuing forty years, Freddy shapes John’s comatose dreams into an ultra-realistic portrayal of John living out his life as an office worker at a napkin distribution company. And with Freddy setting himself up as John’s direct supervisor, Mr. Reynolds, John (and the audience) are truly in for some thrills and chills.

Just look at this page from the leaked script:

Elm Street Script

In one particularly horrific scene from the leaked script and storyboards, Krueger forces his victim to attend a coworker’s birthday party where John is left to stand uncomfortably for fifteen minutes while pretending to enjoy a slice of stale grocery store cake. Later, as Freddy turns up the heat on his victim, he brings in a new coworker who thrives on small talk, leaving no way for John to ever escape the conversation.

Elm Street Storyboard 1

As the story progresses, the audience is shown how things are progressing back in the real world, where it’s eventually revealed that John’s wife has finally decided to pull the plug on her comatose husband. Freddy, knowing that he would lose his victim before he could finish his work on “the big Parsons account,” makes quick work of John’s wife, quickly killing her in her sleep in an off-screen death.

At the end of the script, after John has survived working at the same napkin distribution company for more than four decades, enduring everything from being passed over for promotions to eating the same sandwich every day in the same seat, staring at the exact same poster reminding employees to wash their hands, Freddy moves in for the moment that would be the culmination of everything he has been working towards. As John is set to retire from his job in the world that he has been forced to treat as reality, Freddy reveals at the company Christmas party that all employees’ 401k plans have been lost, and retirement for John is most certainly out of the question.

As the faint sounds of “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you” begin to build into a crescendo as John realizes he is in an inescapable nightmare, Freddy transforms from Mr. Reynolds into his true grotesque form and grabs John by the throat, interrupting another coworker’s painfully lackluster and off-key karaoke performance.

“Get back to work, you little bitch!” Freddy bellows, just as the screen cuts to black, and we are left with just the sound of Krueger’s hellish cackling.

Freddys Magnum Opus Poster



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