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If the Backstreet Boys had their way, no games would be played with regards to love or relationships. If you’re like me, though, you know that is absolute trash.

Jake Grifter, Sex Tipster

Jake Grifter, Sex Tipster

Games can be the sexiest and spiciest part of any tango, so here are my top five all-time sexiest games to play with your partner:

  • Role play as your favorite character! I like to dress up as Link and go adventuring for hours and hours until I’m too tired to please my Zelda.
  • A good game of cricket can be extremely sensual.
  • If you’ve got a wild group together, strip Settlers of Catan never disappoints. Each victory point means one less article of clothing!
  • If you’re trying to spice up the bedroom, create a Model UN and try to avert nuclear war in a Bay of Pigs simulation. The sexual tension between the United States, Cuba and the Soviet Union was palpable and very, very sexy.
  • Play video games all day and actually ignore your partner no matter what. The negative attention will really get him/her going with heavy anticipation.


Jake Grifter

Author: Jake Grifter

I'm Robot Butt's official sex columnist. I've had sex before - now let me tell you about it.

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