Shrew Insists Husband Wear Helmet

Frustrated Motorcycle Owner and his nagging shrew of a wife

Richmond, VA – Local motorcycle owner, Clayton Morrison, is tired of his nagging shrew of a wife insisting that he wear a helmet, reported a frustrated Morrison.

According to the 48-year-old advertising manager, Price, 46, regularly brings up facts and figures about the dangers of riding a motorcycle without a helmet and just doesn’t understand that “riding a chopper doesn’t mean a damn thing if you can’t feel the wind in your hair.”

Though having lived together for nearly 24 years, Morrison had apparently missed all the signs of his wife’s chronic obsession with safety, in spite of the fact that she insists he wear a seatbelt in the car and is always “flapping her gums” about turning off the electricity before doing any rewiring work in the house.

“I’m seriously starting to think she should see a therapist, or maybe ask a doctor about taking some anxiety medications,” said a concerned Morrison.

According to Morrison, Price is in a state of denial over the safety features of modern motorcycles. “I tried telling her that a motorcycle is actually safer than a car since the driver is paying more attention, but she refused to listen to reason. So then I tried filling her in on the fact that a helmet is totally a huge distraction, and she wouldn’t buy that either.”

“Finally, I let her know that Jeff at work doesn’t wear a helmet even though he’s been riding for years, and she still just wouldn’t listen,” said Morrison.

“I guess some people just never learn,” he added.


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