Doctor Needs Just One More Look at Those Balls

Doctor Needs Another Look at BallsDENVER – In a surprising twist to local man Danny Yost’s physical, the doctor required a second, longer look at his testicles.

“I need to check for…testiculitis,” the doctor said.

Having no prior knowledge of medicine, Yost could not discern if this was a real disease. Meanwhile, the doctor continuously shooed away knocks at the door from nurses looking for him, as he continued to examine his patient’s genitals.

“Is…is there anything wrong down there?” asked a nervous Yost after noticing he had been examined for 20 full minutes.

“No, no,” the doctor smiled. “Everything looks just fine.”

With a series of quiet “Hmms” accompanied with a steady murmur of “Yes, yes. Yes…I see, I see,” the doctor continued to exam Yost’s balls until finally, with a satisfied grunt and confident nod of his head, the doctor told Yost that he was free to go.



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