Rabid Fans Gearing Up for Papa John’s Commercial Season

Papa Johns

With the return of autumn, Americans are gearing up for another season of commercials for Papa John’s pizza.

“I look forward to this all year,” said Todd Clemons of Pittsburgh. Wearing his lucky Papa John’s T-shirt, Clemons proclaimed that Papa John’s commercials were “his religion,” as they will be played on TV all day on Sundays through the fall and winter.

To the delight of many fans, Peyton Manning will be returning to the world of Papa John’s for another season. Manning is considered by many to be the best spokesperson of his generation.

“It’s like watching magic,” Indianapolis resident Kevin Sprawler said. “The way he can go from selling a pizza and just seamlessly transition into a cookie cake sales pitch is just unlike anything else.”

This year also marks the third season Manning has marketed pizza under “Papa” John Schnatter, and many believe it is the flawless chemistry and understanding of each other that has lead to Papa John’s unprecedented success.

“You can’t just replicate that kind of success,” Domino’s pizza head J. Patrick Doyle said. “Believe me, we’ve all tried.”

Not everyone is thrilled about the coming season, though.

“It would be great if you could turn on your TV on Sunday and find something other than a Papa John’s commercial,” Seattle resident Corey Horvath said. “But no, it’s just Papa John’s pizza, all damn day.”

For the rest of the country, hopes are high that this season will be even more exciting than last year.

“There’s talk that Papa John’s might pick up taco pizzas,” Clemons said. “I’d pay to see Manning sell that!”



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