Yeah, I’ll Take a Movie About The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island

Though Weird Al is obviously not gone from our consciousness, he is the product of another generation. In that respect, The Lonely Island has done a good job of carrying the torch for modern comedy music acts. Though maybe just a little bit polarizing depending on your overall attitude towards rap, the group has a great following gleamed from their days of utilizing Saturday Night Live‘s built-in audience.

And now, the group, in its musical form, will be coming in some capacity to the big screen, with a Lonely Island movie in the works.

I don’t care what it’s about or how it’ll mesh together; I want it. I’ve loved the group’s original skits, all three of their albums and Hot Rod – essentially the first actual Lonely Island movie – is criminally underrated (which means it’s officially achieved cult status). I’m on board with whatever this movie evolves into, which is sure to be absurd, vulgar, offensive and wonderful.

Now enjoy this:

Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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