Halle Berry’s Movies Are About to Get A Whole Lot Worse

Halle Berry

Since Halle Berry won an Academy Award for her role in Monster’s Ball, she has sort of been…coasting. Sure, she was Jinx in Die Another Day, but that only gets consistently ranked as one of the worst James Bond movies of all time.

And hey, she is in the X-Men movies, despite never being given much to do.

And there was Catwoman.

Peppered between those have been movies like GothikaPerfect StrangerDark Tide, a segment in Movie 43 and The Call.

There have been a few decent ones thrown in for good measure, but you can go ahead and tell me which ones those might be (does Cloud Atlas count?). And now, Berry has been ordered to pay $16,000 a month in child support for her daughter with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. That’s $192,000 a year.

Which means Berry won’t meet a script she doesn’t like for a while. Which also means her face will be monopolizing the bargain bin at Walmart for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully you weren’t in the midst of a gigantic bet that she would turn her career around and focus on stronger material, because at this rate, she’ll soon be reaching Nicolas Cage levels of desperation in terms of the projects she chooses.

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