Pope Switches to Fedora

Pope Hat Fedora

In a move fashionistas and experts in Catholicism around the world are calling “a stunning new approach to the papacy,” His Holiness Pope Francis has shaken things up at the Vatican by sporting a dashing new fedora in lieu of a more traditional ceremonial headdress.

A spokesman for the Holy See has said this move is just one of many that Pope Francis plans on making to help the church stay up-to-date with the modern world.

“This is an historical moment for the church,” said Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi. “His Holiness has been making some phenomenal changes in how the world looks at the poor and the underserved and now we’re excited to announce that he’s making changes to the papal wardrobe.”

Critics, however, have claimed that this is nothing but a distraction from the ongoing controversies surrounding the church and the clerical sex abuse scandal. Dr. Joseph Torres, head of the Bryant Center for the Study of American Catholicism, said, “While this new fedora may look great, it’s nothing but a handsome facade covering up a deep-rooted problem with how the church handles clerics that have committed so many terrible crimes.”

Looks like one way or another, this perfectly primped pontiff has got people talking.



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