The ‘Point Break’ Remake, Thankfully, Takes a Step Back

Point Break

It’s common knowledge that Point Break is one of the best movies of all time. To think that it could be remade is blasphemous, but that has never stopped Hollywood before.

In fact, a remake was actually hurtling towards becoming a reality, until Gerard Butler finally wised up and realized you can’t duplicate perfection. Dropping out of this disaster is the best career move he’s made in years.

Point Break exists perfectly in the 1990’s vacuum where it was born, when action movies were almost always wacky and often gleefully unaware of it. Now, everything has to wink and nudge you to make sure you don’t just write it off as lame. The result is current action movies that, when they aren’t just superhero movies, are mostly stale, forgettable experiences.

This is a movie about surfing criminals. About Patrick Swayze going on and on about some abstract concepts, like adrenaline, and feeling the power of the waves or something. About Keanu Reeves playing a football star-turned-cop named Johnny Utah.

Oh, and this scene:


And, of course, this:


This movie doesn’t – and shouldn’t nor couldn’t – exist in this century because this century, with all of its cynicism, couldn’t handle it. Point Break is too beautiful for today’s world.

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