Butterfly Flutters By Butter Hungry Fly

Butter Fly and Butterfly

Edina, MN – One hungry little fly has a big problem with one instance of zoological nomenclature.

“I’m a fly, I’m eating butter, and you’re telling me that this guy with the big wings gets called a ‘butterfly?” says local butter-hungry fly, Hugh Morgan.

“This f@#king c@%cksucker doesn’t even eat butter, but I’m the one that gets eyerolls when I point out the naming disparity,” added the fly.

When asked about this unusual insect naming, Dr. James Roberson, entomologist, and professor at the University of Minnesota explained, “Many insects and animals have unusual or misleading names, often because researchers didn’t fully understand the habits of the animal before the naming. For instance, a seahorse is nothing like a horse, a dragonfly can’t breath fire, and hyenas rarely gets high.”

Dr. Roberson added, “While I can see this butter eating fly’s point, I’ve got to say, it’s a little late in the game to go switching around insect names now.”

Acquaintance of  Hugh, Jeff the Butterfly, offered his opinion on that matter as well, “I’m not about to get all upset about people thinking I eat butter,” said Jeff, “and frankly, I don’t see why Hugh has to flip out like he does. A different name isn’t going to make him more popular all of a sudden. His problem is that he’s eating everyone’s butter, a new name isn’t going to change that.”

Meanwhile, Hugh, the butter eating fly vows the fight will continue. “I will not rest until this injustice is is rectified. I think I speak for all butter eating flies when I say, this unfairness must not continue.”

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