Robot Butt News Corp. Headlines for May 2, 2014

Ghost Spies on Naked Women, As You’d Expect

Speaker at Accounting Conference Plays Pretty Fast and Loose with the Word “Exciting”

Tragic Man Sees ‘The Matrix’ and Thinks It Can Only Get Better from There

Burger Burglar Kills Three at McDonald’s

Fraternity Fistfight Erupts Over Nonsensical Opening Lines of “The Circle of Life”

Turns Out “Everything Bread” Just Regular Bread With Two Different Seeds

Percolating Turd Doesn’t Have All Day

ADHD Patient Has Need for Speed

Sadistic Maniac Threatens to Blow Up Hospital if Local Mom Can’t Name Actor in That Movie

Man Bravely Uses ‘Borat’ Voice in 2014

Robot Butt News Corp.

Author: Robot Butt News Corp.

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