Did I Forget Something?

Jeremy, the Robot Butt intern

Just stay calm. Everything is going to be fine.

Hey everybody, it’s your favorite intrepid intern, Jeremy.

Last time we talked, I told you about a huge meeting that Robot Butt management was leaving to attend. Well…they haven’t returned from it.

Or at least I don’t think they have. Since they left ten days ago, no one has come back to the office. Every day I come here and it’s just me. However, the site keeps getting updated and it’s obvious that someone is working on it, I just don’t know where. I’ve tried writing some columns out of fear that we’ll be without content, but then it gets deleted immediately. I’ve sent out numerous emails to my bosses, but I’ve never gotten a reply except one time, when I got nothing but Arabic gibberish (I asked my friend at MSNBC, who minored in Arabic) in return.

I can’t help but feel like I forgot to do something. Was there something I was supposed to write? Am I being punished for not restocking the fridge in the break room?

Of course, it could all be in my head and everybody is still on this business trip. They’ll come back, probably with some huge news about the future direction of the site, and I’ll be promoted to a contributing role. It’s just really hard to see my friends at other big places gain notoriety in their internships and set themselves up for really strong futures as soon as we graduate.

It’s weird being a college student and still feeling like a child. If anyone from Robot Butt is reading this, I’m really sorry.


Author: Jeremy

Junior at Northwestern. Robot Butt intern. Chasing my dream!

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