After Harold Ramis’ Passing, Let’s Just Leave ‘Ghostbusters’ Alone

Harold Ramis

It’s time to retire the idea that a third Ghostbusters will ever happen.

With the recent passing of Harold Ramis, the future of the franchise should be clearer than ever after years of rumors and passing mentions of a script being written.

Ramis, as you may know, was not only Dr. Egon Spengler (the best Ghostbuster of them all), but he also wrote both movies with Dan Aykroyd. In other words, there is no Ghostbusters without the input and influence of Ramis.

So why try to “restructure” the current script that is supposedly being written? Why push something through at all? There’s no writing around the fact that the Ghostbusters’ intellectual leader is no longer with us.

Admittedly, the idea of a third Ghostbusters movie has always been enticing and it was even more so when there was the constant rumor that the original group would join forces with a younger ghost-busting team.

Lately, the thought is that the original cast would have little more than cameo roles. That felt passable, only becauseĀ it meant audiences would still get to see the original Ghostbusters on the screen, even if for a shorter amount of time.

But now, any concept for a third movie will feel hollow, missing its soul. The idea that a “minor script tweak” will be all that it takes to erase Ramis from the thirdĀ Ghostbusters is unfortunate and insulting.

Hopefully, this project stays stuck in development, forever gripped by a proton stream.

Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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