10 Secret Orders McDonald’s Could Use to Crush In-N-Out Burger


1. Canadian Milk Style: Coke in a paper bag

2. Easy on the Pickles: 5,000 pickles, no bread

3. Fries NBA: Fries that are seven feet tall

4. Tight-Belted: Two muffin tops with anything you order

5. Side of Lactose: Cheese McFlurry

6. Extra Parts: Happy Meal with six toys, no food

7. Filet-o-Float: Filet-o-Fish, floating in a Coke

8. Apple Pi Pie: 3.14 apple pies

9. Warhol’s Soup: Cup full of ketchup (any size)

10. Cheese Cake: Tray of cheese, melted with fries poking upwards and lit like candles



Matthew Reeves

Author: Matthew Reeves

Matthew Reeves is a classically trained internet user and fashionably late adopter. He’s based in the beautifully overcast Vancouver, BC and makes funny things online at thatreeves.com. Follow him on Twitter @thatreeves.

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