Theme Weeks

Future Week

Future Week – What do we really know about the future? What kind of secrets can we unlock about it? What meanings are hidden in there for us to find before they’re even revealed to us? The answer is, of course, none. So, why don’t we go out there and do something fun like start a riot? With such a painful, pointless path in front of us, we deserve to enjoy ourselves for a little while.

However, between the looting and destruction, between the terrorizing of everyone around you, be sure to take a break and check out all of our great future-related content!

Now get out there and destroy some property! And when that shop owner begs you to stop because you’re destroying everything they have and what they’ve worked so hard to build, make sure to tell ’em Robot Butt sent you!


Back to School Week

Back to School Week – You’re not going to learn anything valuable in school, you can bet on that. The only things you’ll ever need to know you’ll get from your dear old friends at Robot Butt.

For this entire week, we’ll be cramming so much knowledge into you that you’ll be begging for it to stop by Wednesday. We, of course, won’t relent and you’ll be thanking us by Friday. By the end of this week, you won’t just be smart or respected – you’ll be absolutely feared.

The educational process is a brutal, painful journey. Come experience it with us!


Dino Week

Dino Week – Terrible lizards, great comedy. This is a week devoted to dinosaurs past and present, so jump in and enjoy some dino-mite jokes!


Game Week Banner

Game Week – Nobody knows more about the game than us, the Robot Butt team. We play it daily and always come back begging for more. Some might even say we murder the game. That’s why you come here; we’re willing to bet a billion dollars on it.


Monster Week at Robot Butt

Monster Week – If this week teaches you anything, it will be that your supposedly good-natured soul is nothing but a facade, and it will all one day come crashing down as you allow the monstrosity inside you, once deeply hidden, to finally emerge in a blaze fit for eternal damnation.


Pizza Week

Pizza Week – Pizza is a unifying force in our world, a tremendous vehicle for our relationships and everyday life. Without it, we would be all soulless vessels floating through life without a purpose. But pizza gives us a reason for being here, and for continually trying to improve ourselves.

For that, we need to give it the respect and attention it deserves.