Scholarly Synonyms for Sad to Impress Your Therapist With Since You’ve Made No Real Progress

Talking to Therapist

It’s been rough lately, so it’s okay that you aren’t making much progress in therapy. Try out one of these synonyms for sad to make your therapist go “Oh wow” in an impressed way – not a concerned way like normal.

1. Dejected

Throw this synonym for sad at Dr. Aman and she’s going to be saying things like “Whoa SAT word alert” instead of “Have you started to forgive your mother?” because you absolutely have not! Now you look really smart and not at all emotionally stunted.

2. Forlorn

When you’re talking about how you haven’t found joy in any activity lately, make sure you toss around this hot word. Then she will know you may not have fun, but at least you have your incredible vocabulary!

3. Disconsolate

No need to wonder what she’s writing on her notepad this week. It definitely says that you must have multiple degrees from an impressive institution. Good for you, you disconsolate soul!

4. Woebegone

Wow, are you actually Shakespeare? When you say “woebegone,” Dr. Aman won’t even realize you just mentioned your recurring nightmare where your parents turn into jaguars and eat you. She’s going to be too focused on figuring out how you got this smart. Impressive!

5. Crestfallen

Sure, this one might make her think you watch too many medieval movies and don’t get out much. That’s fine because you sound like an educated knight of a powerful kingdom. Hark, ye splendid vocabulary!

6. Lugubrious

This doesn’t sound like a real word, which is the perfect distraction. You can kill a minute or two explaining what it means before getting back to the juicy details of your recent divorce. One point for you, zero for Dr. Aman!



Arianna Durnell

Author: Arianna Durnell

Arianna is a New York-based comedian who contributes to the satirical sites Reductress and The Higgs Weldon. She is currently performing and writing sketch comedy in the duo Bag Of Rocks and was named one of Mogul’s comedians to look out for in 2018.

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