President Oprah’s First 100 Days

Oprah President

Day 1: Stedman will not be the First Gentleman; Gayle will be the First Lady.

Day 2: No more Bibles in court, now you swear to tell the truth on a copy of The Secret.

Day 3: Everyone gets a vacation to AUSTRALIAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Day 17: Once we all get back from Australia, immigration reform.

Day 28: Everyone in America loses 50 pounds.

Day 29: Muslim ban lifted.

Day 30: Everyone in America gains back the 50 pounds and an additional 10.

Day 35: White House implements an open-door policy where anyone can come to Oprah if they want to talk about their feelings or if they’re Will Smith.

Day 40: We find out Ellen’s gay again.

Day 45: On a very special Super Soul Sunday, Tony Robbins is air-dropped into the Middle East to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Day 50: Tom Cruise gets to jump on Air Force One.

Day 58: The Situation Room now only handles domestic disputes between wives and their awful, awful husbands.

Day 61: Dr. Oz named Secretary of Education.

Day 62: Deepak Chopra named Secretary of Energy.

Day 63: The Pregnant Man named Secretary of Labor.

Day 70: Gun control legislation passed.

Day 85: Everyone who said Oprah shouldn’t be president regrets it.

Day 86: All news agencies banned except O Magazine.

Day 87: They stop regretting it.

Day 90: Net Neutrality listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things.

Day 91: They’re okay with it again.

Day 99: Oprah says beef is bad.

Day 100: Dr. Phil named the leader of America’s newest spin-off: The Confederacy.



Scott Seiss

Author: Scott Seiss

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