Places to Hide the Kale So That Your Wife Will Think You Ate It

Kale Vegetable

    • In a safety deposit box
    • In your old VCR in that slot where the videotape goes in
    • In your cowboy hat
    • In other people’s cowboy hats
    • Under the boardwalk
    • In the pipe organ at church
    • If you live in D.C., at the Smithsonian
    • If you live in Seattle, at the Space Needle
    • Under your children’s beds
    • Sprinkled out on the lawn by the weeds
    • In that hole in the tree where the squirrel lives
    • In the tailpipe of the car belonging to your neighbor who keeps asking to borrow your lawnmower
    • In a cornfield
    • In a kalefield
    • In the ocean



Michael Ferro

Author: Michael Ferro

Michael A. Ferro's debut novel, TITLE 13, will be published by Harvard Square Editions in February 2018. He has received an Honorable Mention from Glimmer Train for their New Writers Award and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His fiction and humor writing has appeared in numerous journals in both print and online. Born and bred in Detroit, Michael has lived, worked, and written throughout the American Midwest. He's not a big fan of other Midwests. Additional information can be found at

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