Damn It: They Printed the Plot to ‘The Last Jedi’ on My Ticket

Guy Mad at Movies

I made every effort to avoid any and all spoilers to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I haven’t watched a trailer since April. I stopped going to my favorite movie blogs earlier this summer. And I’ve been swiftly unfriending anyone who posts anything even remotely related to outer space.

Yet there I was, reading the entire plot on my ticket stub. Who lives. Who dies. What color lightsabers they use. In spite of my best efforts, I had forgotten to avoid the one place I should’ve known would have every single spoiler – the movie theater.

And I couldn’t stop reading. This was all the juicy gossip I’ve spent months avoiding, and I gorged like Jabba in his palace. It was an incredible moment of weakness, but I could have avoided this.

I’ll be posting a picture of the ticket stub to Facebook so all my friends will know to watch out for it.



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