Al Franken Establishes Residence in Alabama, Eyeing 2020 Senate Run

Senator Al Franken

WASHINGTON – After announcing his resignation yesterday, Minnesota Senator Al Franken has reportedly purchased a home in Greenville, Alabama.

“I like the way they think down there,” said Franken. “Their moral character, their unwavering support for those in positions of leadership and entertainment is really inspirational.”

Some critics of the move accuse him of taking advantage of the current political climate in Alabama. Franken denies the connection, saying, “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Yellowhammer State. Even back in my SNL days, I pushed Lorne to move the show to Tuscaloosa. It’s a great breeding ground for people who look up to those in the entertainment business. And I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to touch those lives.”

When asked about his potential party affiliation in the heavily Republican state, Franken replied, “Oh it doesn’t matter, I’m just hoping we can all have a little fun.”



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