Movie Pitches for Disney Once They Acquire 20th Century Fox

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The world of pop culture was set ablaze last week when word got out that Disney might be buying 20th Century Fox. This was big news, as not only would it allow them to complete their collection of Marvel figures, but it gives them ownership of more big-name franchises.

And the best part of owning all these franchises? Crossovers! Yes, everyone loves when things they love are thrown together indiscriminately – Taco Bell has been doing it successfully for years! So to help Disney take full advantage of their potential purchase, I put together a number of movie pitches, which I am more than happy to accept money for:

Star Wars Episode X: Attack on Pandora

Die Hard With Avengers

Predator vs. the Goof Troup

Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Nostromo

Toy Story 5: Playroom of the Apes

Ducktales and the Tomb of the Croods

X-Men vs. the Muppets

Ice Age 6: How the Hoth Did We Get Here?

Deadpool Kills the Disney Afternoon-verse

The Simpsons Ragnarok

Indiana Jones and the Cult of Hydra

Die Hard or Go Bonkers

Independence Day: Battle for Cape Suzette

Awesome Mix Vol. 3: A Star Wars Story

Wall-E Kills the Marvel Universe

Titanic: I Want to Believe

Wolverine and the Quack Pack

Joe Millionaire: The New Iron Man Adventures

Darkwing Duck vs. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Mickey Mouse and the Phantom Menace Blot

X-Men Origins: Brundlefly


Tim Gaydos

Author: Tim Gaydos

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