How the Audience Members of Megyn Kelly’s ‘Today Show’ Segment Got Here

Megyn Kelly Today Show

    • Were told this was where you were supposed to wait for Rockettes tickets
    • Left an NBC studio tour to use the bathroom, page told her it was in here
    • Knew it was a live taping of the Megyn Kelly Today Show segment but was promised there would be free bagels
    • Was told they were selected for an Ambush Makeover
    • Is married to Megyn Kelly, searching for a good time to duck out early, though
    • Are Kathie Lee and Hoda pregaming their segment by taking a shot every time Megyn Kelly reminds her audience she’s “tired of politics!”
    • Meant to be here; he’s the president of White Santas of America
    • Bought tickets to Hamilton for their big trip to NYC without having listened to the music; man with headset said “Oh yeah, this is Hamilton,” not 100 percent sure if this is Hamilton 
    • Thinks this is a live taping of an SNL sketch about Megyn Kelly having a Today Show segment
    • Was told this was an internship that counted for college credit at NYU, just now realizing the person who interviewed her was Megyn Kelly in an obviously fake mustache
    • Fell through a trap door during Final Jeopardy
    • The last thing he remembers was pressing the giant button after completing the course at American Ninja Warrior and a flash of bright white light
    • Was admitted to New York Presbyterian last night after a massive heart attack. Woke up here. Is this the Bad Place?
    • Is Adam Levine. Spun his chair around to vote yes to a contestant and all of a sudden he was just here. What day is it? Does anyone else smell chloroform?
    • Thought he was at CBS and this was the premiere of Young Sheldon, happy with the Megyn Kelly Today Show segment instead, though



Lucy Huber

Author: Lucy Huber

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