5 Times You Could Almost See Willis Tower When You Whimsically Stared Out Your Window With a Sense of Wonder

Chicago Skyline Willis Tower

One of the best ways to feel inspired and self-reflect is staring whimsically out your window with a sense of wonder, and here are the five times you could almost see the Willis Tower while doing so!

1) When you had just moved to a new city to pursue your dream

Leaving all your friends and family behind is not easy. You sat by your first floor apartment’s window with a hot cup of tea and sighed heavily, feeling a little anxious and a little excited for this new phase of your life. And suddenly out of the corner of your eye, you saw something glimmering, almost exactly like the Willis Tower would under that natural light, but you turned around to see it was only the Empire State Building and you were in New York City.

2) When you gave up on city life and moved to a farm

You decided to raise your kids away from all the chaos and have a peaceful life, cozy dinners of freshly farmed vegetables and bedside stories about princesses and kings. After another glorious day at the farm you sat down by your French window with a glass of fresh cow’s milk. In the distance you saw the silhouette of the city with the Willis Tower standing tall, but out of nowhere a tornado appeared that completely blocked your beautiful view.

3) When you were captured by a barbarian overlord and put in a cell

Having gone for days without food and water, you started scooping out a small part of the ceiling until a little bit of sunshine broke through. You called it your “fenestra.” Dreaming of life as a free man, you gawked out from the small hole and you thought you saw Willis Tower but you realized you were living in a different century.

4) When you had just colonized the moon

After working hard for over a decade, your day had arrived – you sat down by the porthole in your lunar colony with a 15-year-old scotch in your hand, feeling accomplished. And you thought you could almost see the beautiful Willis Tower but Earth was rotating on its axis such that you were now looking at just the north Pacific Ocean.

5) When you had just moved into Willis Tower

You felt at home, in this beautiful apartment complex. You sat on your bed, set by the window lined with potted daisies, perfect for brightening up your view. And you leaned out, and there it was in its full glory – the Willis Tower! That is, until you realized it was just the John Hancock Center.



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