Rejected B-Sides to Taylor Swift’s New Album ‘Reputation’

Taylor Swift Crazy

1. “You Belong to Me Until I Say So in Writing”

2. “No Teardrops on Your Coffin or His”

3. “Forever and Always I’m Better Than You”

4. “Dear John, Jake, Calvin, Conor, Harry, Tom, and Calvin Again”

5. “Sparks Fly When I Turn on My Chainsaw”

6. “I Killed My Ex (LMAO!)

7. “Blank Space That I Dug Up With This Shovel”

8. “Shake It Off, It’s Just a Stab Wound”

9. “I Knew You Were Trouble When I Couldn’t Crack the Code on Your Phone”

10. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Because the Judge Said So”



Salim Alam

Author: Salim Alam

Salim Alam is a comedy writer and improviser based out of Washington, DC. He has studied improv at the DC Improv and sketch writing with The Second City. He writes satirical articles and monologue jokes that focus on politics. Salim enjoys ice cream, Scotch, and avoiding the doctor. Follow him on Twitter @1salimalam.

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